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E-Mail Campaign...

"...our family is broken, and until we find our daughter Kristen, there will always be a void..." - Bob Modafferi

Please help
to make this family
whole again.

The family and friends of Kristen Modafferi have begun an e-mail campaign in hope of getting as many people as possible to see Kristen's picture and join in the search for her safe return.

It's a completely grassroots campaign, an e-mail message being passed from friend to friend, around the world.

Please help us spread the word about Kristen's disappearance by sending Kristen's letter to your friends and acquaintances. Your help is very much appreciated.

If you'd like to download the text of Kristen's Letter as an ascii text file, it's on this web site at letter.txt, or you can copy and paste directly from Kristen's letter which is reprinted below, in its entirety.

Kristen's Letter...

Subject: Help Find Kristen

Please help find Kristen Modafferi.

In the Spring of 1997, Kristen had completed her freshman year in the School of Design at North Carolina State University. She had planned a summer trip to San Francisco, to work, explore the city, and take photography classes.

On June 23, 1997, just three weeks after her arrival on her 18th birthday, Kristen left her part-time job at Spinelli's Coffee in downtown San Francisco at about 3 PM, and has not been seen or heard from since. Kristen's disappearance is being investigated as an "at risk abduction". Despite an ongoing, extensive search, there have been very few clues to help us solve the mystery of what happened to Kristen.

Kristen has a very close relationship with her parents and three sisters in her home city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Her family and friends love her, miss her, and ask for your help in finding her.

Here's what we ask of you...

First check the "Help Find Kristen" website to verify that, by the time you receive this e-mail, Kristen is still missing. If Kristen has been found, the news will be posted on the web site and we ask no more of you, other than to accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks for being willing to help.

The "Help Find Kristen" website is located at:

If Kristen is still missing, please forward this message to as many of your friends as you can. Hopefully they will do the same and hundreds, thousands, even millions of people will see Kristen's picture within a very short time.

As you forward this message from friend to friend, please don't change the content of the letter itself. We're certain you understand how quickly small changes can become large changes.

We pray that your efforts will reach the certain someone, somewhere, who will come forward with information that will lead us to Kristen.

Thank you for supporting our cause as we try to make this family whole again.

The Friends of Kristen Modafferi



Do You Have Information? Please do the right thing.
Call the Oakland Police Department:
Officer Dan Castanho (510) 238-3641 or Officer Pat Mahanay (510) 238-7910
or, to remain anonymous, call 1-800-VANISHED (or 1-800-826-4743).

Loved and missing...
Kent Jacobs Kristin Smart Kristen Modafferi Suzanne Lyall
Cyndi Vanderheiden Gayle Marks Amy Bradley Kristine Kupka


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