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Have you seen Kristen Modafferi?

We gain strength as a family from your kind words and prayers, and we thank you for your support and for the wonderful guestbook entries we've received in the past. We will leave those entries online but, due to increasing amounts of spam, we must at least temporarily disallow any more guestbook entries. During the time that the guestbook is offline, we ask that you contact us directly via email. We still need your love, support, and prayers. Thank you.

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Dear Family, I just read the article in the SF Chronicle about Kristen. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your search for your daughter. Please let me know if there is anything that I can specifically do to help in your search.
Jim Melino <>
Oakland, CA USA -

Bob and Debbie, Kristen and the Modafferi family are always in our hearts and prayers.
Ron and Wendi Hall
Anaheim, CA USA -

I haven't forgotten Kristen and I am still posting her link on my website, which enjoys high traffic. Maybe it will eventually do some good. In the mean time, you are all in my prayers. God Bless.
Chuck Foertmeyer <>
Cincinnati, Ohio USA -

Dear Precious Family, I first found out about Kristen at The Charlotte Show at the Merchandise Mart. I purchased a cookbook,For The Love Of A Child. It is very special to me and I pray for Kristen every time it is used, and any other time that I think of your precious daughter. I know that Satan is very strong in this world, but GOD ALWAYS WINS IN THE END...You and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers... especially your precious Kristen. Love To All, Your Sister In Christ, Mary L. Crawley
Mary Crawley <>
Shelby, N.C. USA -

Just to let you know that Elizabeth and I still have Kristen in our prayers.
Rick Young <>
Bergenfield, NJ USA -

I recently read a book with my book club that made me constantly think about Kristen and how what happened has changed your lives. I clicked on this website for the first time in a while, still hoping to see that she's been found and the mystery has been solved. Until then, I'll keep praying for you all. - Jamie Carriker Money (originally from Charlotte - went to Carmel, Providence, and NCSU with Allison and Kristen)
Jamie Carriker Money

may god comfort kristen's family as your search for kristen continues. may god bring kristen home soon. i have never met any of you but i can only imagine your suffering. may god be close to you now and always. sincerely joyce
joyce <>
attleboro, ma USA -

good luck.
england -

As a Park Scholar (class of 2002), I often heard how about the wonderful person Kristen is. I want you to know that she is not forgotten and I frequently check the status of her search on your website. I wish your family, and all the families of those with missing loved ones, courage and continued strength.
Memphis, TN USA -

My husband worked with Kristin's father in Charlotte. I still recall our dismay when we learned of her disappearance. I think of you all often and continue to hope for Kristin's return and a resolution to this awful mystery.
Lexington , KY USA -

I hope you find her!
Aaron Kasper <>
Weston, Wisconsin USA -

Who are the men who investagate (dennis and randal)for your famillia. Are they polica? We have a sister missing. mirella
mirella <>
Denver, Colorado USA -

As the wedding of my son approaches, I think often of Kristen. Both my son and his future bride were fellow Park Scholars with Kristen. I think she would have been so happy for them.
Raleigh, USA -

Tonight I will give my son an extra hug before bed, and I will keep you and your daughter in my thoughts. Although I do not know you, I do know the love and frustrations of being a parent- my sympathy goes out to you.

The only silver lining that I did not have more time with Kristin is that I am afforded the luxury to only have thoughts of her float into my mind on rare occasions. Today was one of those occassions and I find myself once again full of tears as I look at the photo of Kristin in the same graduation gown as I wore, with the same cords representing the shared clubs and activities. I shared high school, debate, plays, and sometimes a ride home to the same neighborhood with Kristin and still hope for her safe return. When I visit my brother in San Fransisco I am always hit with the wildly hopeful fantasy that I will see her on the street and recognize her smile and she will be found. My thoughts continue to be with your family.
Raleigh, NC USA -

Kristen has never left my heart or mind. She's a person who has touched my life. I just want her parents to know that Kristen's memory lives on, and she is always with me in spirit.
Jamie Grebner Mabe <>
Raleigh, NC USA -

I was living in Charlotte when this case first started and for some strange reason, Kristen crosses my mind every now and then though I never knew her. It is not over until God says so. Stay strong and keep the faith. God bless you and I pray that Kristen comes home soon.
Laura Edwards <>
Greensboro, nc USA -

I met Kristen when I was in high school at the Broyhill Leadership Conference at Belmont Abbey - she was in my small group, and even though we were only there for a matter of days, it was clear that she was a very special girl, and in fact became the person I spent the most time with at the conference. I still have my pictures from that week, and there's one of her holding a guitar where she looks so happy and vibrant, which is just how I remember her. My prayers are with your family.
Erin Norris <>
va USA -

Life can take us... On new another piece of time... The wind can change the seasons Lift a leaf and take it to a place far far away Yet we can always remember that vision of it's beauty...long after it's gone And just as many things that we reach for That we find faith in That can not be physically touched They are the very pieces of our lives that guide our soul That touch our hearts That make us who we are Though she has not come home, know that life is like the wind in that it make take us on many different journeys...and though we can't always grasp her hand, we will always hold her heart. I did not know her but the stories of her and all of the missing loved ones missing in this life touch my soul. I wish you great peace.
TDT <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

The search for what happened should never be ended
Anthony Modafferi <>
Staten Island, New York USA -

Kristen and I went to high school together. I remember her as a strong, intelligent girl. She had a wonderful group of close friends; I wish that I had known her better. I have thought about her so many time since her disappearance. I wish you and your family peace and joy. I hope you and your other children are doing ok.
Hilary W. Lee <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

Went to high school with Kristen and did various school plays and drama type projects. She's still in our thoughts even after all this time...
Matthew Burdorff
Los Angeles, CA USA -

Kristen is beautiful. I think she's nice. I'm really sorry fir what you are going though right now, i read an article about Ms. Kristen and i really hope to God that you will see her again. Actually i was thinking you should again contact "Mr. short asian man w/ waist-length black hair" as describe in the where i read it. He must be "the-one". . Look everywhere, every single or even the most unnotice thing will open a lead to Ms. Kristen. Maybe a letter in her room, the last phone call she recieved, the last words she had sed before she's gone missing, or anything they have observe. Everything is a possibility, every second has its own hope. . She's a perfect girl, a masterpiece within Gods' gallery. In us prayers are the most powerful of all. We have this saying in our country "sa tao ang gawa sa Diyos ang awa" if translated "the job is in your hands and God will be merciful". . God Bless and always take care. alam ko pong masaya si ate Kristen.
mazradain gayle carpio <>
baguio, benguet Philippines -

I was a student at NC State during the late 90's and I remember seeing the Missing posters up all over the school. My sister was also an NCSU design school student and lived in San Francisco after getting her industrial design degree so it really hit home with me. I have prayed for the family and for Kristen many times over the years. I always wanted to catch the family hanging the posters so I could just give them a hug.
Jeff cope <>
Apex, NC USA -

I went to high school with Kristin and had classes with her. I still remember her upbeat personality with made the classes seam less borring. I want to let you guys know that I still do think about her and not to give up your fight to find out what happened.
Rob Kallqvist <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

This entry is meant for the family of Kristen Modafferi. The following is the first paragraph of a personal statement I recently wrote, in application of graduate school PhD programs in Literature. I just wanted you to know that Kristen touched the lives of people she never even met. She was obviously a beautiful and immensely talented girl, and I wish we could have known each other. I feel certain we would have been friends. Statement of Purpose [ . . . ] quelquefois les étoiles ne sont pas suffisantes (sometimes the stars just aren’t enough). These words, the last four lines of a melancholic poem entitled “To Henry VIII,” haunt me. The subject of the poem is Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn’s life ended tragically when she failed to provide her husband a son and was beheaded at his command. Forsaken, Anne is “left with her head in her hands” “searching for the perfect epitaph.” While visiting North Carolina State University in 1998 for a long weekend of interviews as a finalist for their Park Scholarship, I discovered this poem in NC State’s undergraduate literary magazine, Windhover. The author’s name, Kristen Modafferi, was instantly recognizable, as it had recently been all over the news. She (also, coincidentally, a Park Scholar) had disappeared the summer before while studying photography in Berkeley, California and is still missing now. At the time, being a self-involved seventeen year old, I hadn’t paid much attention to the incident, but upon reading her poem, I felt as if I knew her. Our shared appreciation of poetry made us kindred spirits, and suddenly, a sadness welled up in me and broke me open, like an oxygen bubble breaking water’s calm surface. To this day, whenever I read Kristen’s poem, something breaks loose in me again and stretches across the dark spaces that separate us. A voice whispers to Kristen, and further, to Anne Boleyn: “Yes, yes, it is horribly true. Sometimes the stars just aren’t enough.”
Jennifer Williams <>
Charlotte, North Carolina USA -

I just watched Kristen's story on Haunting Evidence and it angers me that someone may have caused her harm. She is such a beautiful young lady. I am so sorry for her and her family. She is in my thoughts and prayers. I will pass her story and photo along. ~Casey 11-26-07
Casey <>
Manvel, TX USA -

My heart goes out to your family and friends and my prayers are with you all in finding answers. I also have a missing son here in Hamilton Ontario and I know the pain you are going through. please veiw and add Kristen's information so we can also help to spread the word on your behave. thanks so much Donna Mother of Missing William Billy Mason Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Donna DIxon <>
Hamilton, Ontario Canada -

I used to live in Charlotte and my heart has always broken for you. Please know that Kristen and your whole family is still thought of and prayed for.
Virginia USA -

Aloha~ I was just recently made aware of your daughter Kristen and I hope and pray that you will find peace and answers. As a parent I can only imagine the pain and frustration that comes with losing a child, my heart goes out to you and your family. God bless
Summer <>
Honolulu, HI USA -

I read about Kristen in Reader's Digest (2003). I was extremely moved by your story. When I visited this website my eyes went watery at the unrelenting effort you have put in your search for your daughter. Remember that there is a guy who will always be praying for your daughter and all other missing persons. God puts his noble people to test and you have passed the test through your efforts, He always rewards patience and perserverance. GO ON.
Mujtaba <>
Pakistan -

For the first time in a while, Kristen's name popped into my head. I am a Charlotte native, and knew Alison as an acquaintance during our high school years, via some mutual friends. I am not sure what made me search for Kristen's name on the internet, but I would like for your entire family to know that you are still in my thoughts and prayers, and your sorrow is mine, though I can not, of course, imagine the depths of it for you. Blessings to you, and best wishes in your continued search. Best, Tricia Porell Oakes
Tricia Porell Oakes <>
Fort Mill, SC USA -

I have read the article about Kristen's dissappearance (Reader's Digest, Dec. 2003) many times. And, I just read it again, in the copy of this issue that I keep handy. Please know that I am thinking of you and how terribly difficult this situation must be. My only sibling and her husband died (at the hands of a drunk driver) just weeks before Kristen vanished. I have been able to grieve and go on. I pray that one day you will have the wonderful news that your precious daughter is alive and well. But, if she is at Home with the Lord, I pray that that also becomes known to you. You are wonderful and brave to have fought so very hard to help other adults who have vanished. Our children are always our children, no matter their chronological (sp?) age. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU, Leslie - in Arizona
Leslie <>
Arizona USA -

I did not know this lovely person, though I know she shall be amongst those whom will receive the ultimate blessing soon, as this old system is ending and so is it's desire. I then say to you seek him that has opened his hand that his original purpose for humankind will indeed be realized! Where such ones as your lovely Kristen will have smiles, laughs and eternity to live as Adam and eve though having forfeited the gift of living in a paradise earth with no end. I know no ones wants to be bible beaten! Though as sure as I write this here is what is no longer around the corner for as Christ said to the thief next to him "you shall be in paradise" we can truly see that this has not occurred yet all the signs of the end of this wicked system is surrounding all. Thank you for your time,
Brian A B <>
Rocky Vegas, CO USA -

I just read Kristen's heartbreaking story at and am so saddened that she has not been found yet. My prayers and thoughts are going out to her family and friends. Even though many years have passed I can't imagine that it gets any easier...God bless!
Lisa Baker <>
Owasso, OK USA -

I was wandering around the net and got to thinking about Kristen. So I wanted to check up on the progress. I remember when her case was updated last year. My family and I were so hoping we would have all heard something by now. I think of you often, as I believe one of you worked at my grand daughter Kerrie's school. Pat
Pat Dazis <>
Charlotte, N.C. USA -

You are in our thoughts and in our heart always, Kristen.
Erin Poor
San Antonio, Texas USA -

10years... to today. I pass this billboard everyday on my way home.. and everyday.. I hope it's taken down because Kristen is found..
Belmont, CA USA -

I just wanted to say, "hey", and thanks for remembering Kristen. She was a special friend, and I miss and think about her every day of my life. I'm sorry many of you never got to know her, and I'm happy for the short time that I knew her. Thanks.
Matthew Nicholas Hoffman <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

Bob & Debbie, I've lived in Charlotte for many years and remember vividly when Kristen disappeared. Much more recently, my daughters and I have come to love the music of Taylor Roberts, Mark Nippert, and Brian Tavener -- all NC State alumni. Taylor's song "The Ring" is a favorite of mine and my daughter Kaitlin's. Saturday night, we went to hear their band glorydive play here in Charlotte, and Taylor sang that song for the first time in a while. We were absolutely transfixed. Today I've been looking back over the websites to see if there have been any new leads in her case. My heart breaks each time I see her beautiful face and think how you and your daughters must try to balance missing her, worrying about her, and living as normal lives as you can manage. All of you are in our prayers. I have uploaded the video of glorydive's performance of "The Ring" to YouTube and MySpace and put links to this site and on the description section. I hope that's okay with you. There will be a whole new group of kids who will learn about her through this video/song. And it will remind the rest of us about her as we approach the 10th anniversary of her disappearance. Maybe someone who sees this will one day be the link to finding her. We wish the very best for you and your family until that day. God bless, Lori
Lori Akers <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

My family lived behind you in New Milford. My sister, Tori, and Kristen played together all the time. I think about Kristen once in awhile and I pray that she is doing okay and that your family is too. Have you contacted a psychic like Allison DuBois- the girl from the show Medium. She helps families find out thing that have happened. Maybe she could refer you to someone. You are all in my prayers.
Lisa <>
forest, va USA -

To the Family of Kristen, On National Missing Children's Day, May 25th, 2007 - I wore Kristen's picture on my t-shirt. I looked up her name to find more about what happened. I pray for her and for you, her family, to have answers and to have peace. You have another set of eyes looking for her in California. Lisa
Lisa <>
Turlock, CA USA -

Dear Bob and Debbie, You are all still in our prayers in New Milford. My daughter and I were just thinking about Kristen yesterday - we pray that you will one day be reunited with her. May God give you strength and peace. Doreen & Jenny
Doreen Gray
New Milford, CT USA -

How terribly heartbreaking. May the universe reunite Kristen and her family.
Paulette M.
Brooklyn, NY USA -

I frequently visit your website when my thoughts turn back to Charlotte...I never think of our stay there that Kristen does not come immediately to my mind. Debbie, you had such strength back then when we would talk about Kristen and I can see, you and your family continue on, with renewed strength. My prayers continue to be with you all and I am glad to see that NO ONE has given up in the search for answers. I pray you are rewarded one day with the answers you are so desperately seeking and to which you so rightfully deserve. My heart goes out to you. With love and great respect, Lee Ann Slade
Lee Ann Slade <>
Midlothian, Virginia USA -

HI- U may not remember me but I was on Kristens Basketball Team, went to school with her and my family went to church with you all at St. Matthews. I wanted you to know I think of you often and pray for your family. I saw a report on the news that there may have been a break in the case in CA. It aired a couple of weeks ago. Any update on that? - warmest regards - April Morrow
April <>
Mooresville, NC USA -

Kristen is always in my heart Thank you for your strength It inspires me
Joan Frederick Bell <>
Clover, SC USA -

although i stay thousands of miles wawy from you....i sincerely wish and hope your daughter will be found.i'll pray to god everyday to keep her safe and give your family the strength.may god bless you.
pooja <>
baroda, gujarat india -


I live in San Francisco, and I remember when Kristen went missing... I was always keeping my eyes open for her... Hard to believe it has been almost 10 years... I pray that somehow she can return and be safe and well.
San Francisco, California USA -

Every time they find someone who has been gone for a while (I just saw Shawn Hornbeck on the news) I think and hope about Kristen. Wherever she is I feel she is at peace, and I long for a joyful ending to this story. To her parents: don't give up hope. One day you will find peace. May God be with her.
Megan <>
Lehigh Acres, FL USA -

Dear Debbie and Bob, I'm sure you remember us. I just wanted to let you know I pray for Kristen's safe return daily, and also for your family. I will continue to do so. God bless all of you. Love, Mary Jo & Ed
Mary Jo Marici <>
Seabrook, Texas USA -

Dear Bob and Debbie, You and your family are always in our prayers.We come back to this website, praying that "something new " has developed. God bless you,we hope it helps you to know that we care. Kristen will not be forgotten. God bless you. With love and prayers, Debbie and Ken
Debbie Gathercole
Winchester, VA USA -

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers always. Lauren, I haven't spoken with you in a while, but I swear I saw your twin this morning. Hope all is well and hope we can talk soon. God Bless
karolina <>
charlotte, nc USA -

We were living in Charlotte when Kristen disappeared, and I check your site periodically, hoping for some news about the investigation and Kristen. I think of you all when I pull out my "For the Love of a Child" cookbook (especially at Christmas). I cannot believe that Kristen has been missing for such a long time now. Please know that Kristen and your loving quest to find her have not been forgotten...may GOd continue to give you strength as you search for answers.
Lee Naughton
Richmond, Va USA -

My former husband worked with Bob in Charlotte during the time Kristen disappeared. I have followed the accounts of the search and have often thought of all of Kristen and all of her family. I hope that the new detective working on the case can find some new leads and clues so that you can find out what happened to your daughter.
Rebecah <>
Frankfort, ky USA -

I have seen Kristen's billboard several times and finally copied down her name and looked it up on the internet. I am horrified by people who abduct young people. If it were my child who were missing in this situation, I would "plant" someone with a monitor on who looked and acted vulnerable. and trusting in the coffee shot where Kristen was last seen. If that person were accosted by someone who wanted to take them somewhere, I would suspect that they may be the perpetrator. I would have "the plant" notify the police immediately via the monitor. But first I would have the perpetrator take them in the car. Then the police could go after him and arrest him for kidnapping. I am a believer in tricking these people to catch them. I would go undercover for you if I were young again. I have always been streetwise as my parents gave me a sense of who was good and who wasn't. I always had my antenna out and could spot unsavory characters quite readily. Even the sociopaths never got far with me. I had red flags in my mind that would go up whenever I met men who were the least bit suspect. I think this saved me from ever being taken advantage of as I was pretty and no one ever harmed me. I had an aire of selfconfidence, too. I never went walking at night alone and was always aware of my surroundings. I have a good instinct about people. I wish that all parents would teach their children how to "read" people so they would not put themselves in vulnerable situations. I am so sorry that you have had to endure this tragedy. I wish I could help you find Kristen. I will keep watching for her. Sincerely, Judy
judy wainwright <jwainwrightmitchell@yahoo.cpm>
Palo Alto, CA USA -

I read about Kristen s story on Reader s Digest. I pray for her well being and that wherever she is she knows how much she was loved.
Ana Linares <>
New York, New York USA -

I read about Kristen in the "For the Love of a Child" cookbook a friend of mine got when her sister-in-law went missing in June 2006...I pray for your family, and for Kristen. I have 2 boys and can't imagine my life without them...God Bless!

My prayers go out to you and your family. I am a mother of two sons, one in his senior year with college and the world ahead of him. I am originally from Charlotte and have followed your story. My continued prayers will be with you, your family, and Kristen.
Mother of two
Lakewood, WA USA -

I have just happened to read your article in the reader's digest, and i feel truly sorry to hear about Kristen. I can't imagine what it is like, to lose a person you love, and most of all, you have no clue. I'm 19 myself and i would be very depressed if the government refuses to help me and my family. I'm extremely grateful that you have created a place, where people can come for help for similar disappearance. But Kristen seems like a very capable young person, and i'm sure she will make it through. I'll pray and hope that you find Kristen. God Bless You and Your Family.. Waheguruji Satnamji..
Rachna K. <>
Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand -

I read your story in an old Reader's Digest. I have read many story's like this, but for some reason Kristen's resonated. I am a mother of a six year old boy. I have realized that I love him more and more everyday. That it continues grow. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose him after 18 years of loving him. If there is anything I can do here in Colorado. Please call on me.
Nancy Call <>
Denver, Colorado USA -

Thinking of your family and praying for you daily. Each morning, when I put on my "Expect Miracles" bracelet, I ask God to send Kristen home to you. God Bless you and send you peace. Some day, you will have the answers you seek.
Teresa Eversole <>
Lebanon, IN USA -

I think about Kristen's case from time to time and pray for true justice for the family. We have one here in VA, the Amy Bradley abduction case. Amy was abducted about 9 months after Kristen. I put a candle in the window of my heart for both Kristen and Amy. Be a lamp. Peace be with you.
Bill <>
Manassas, VA USA -

God Bless you and your family.
Brenda Pardee <>
Burton, Michigan USA -

I read this story in a Readers Digest in 2002. I had never heard about Kristen before then. I don't read a whole lot, because I need glasses, and can't afford them. And what I do read, I usually forget, (which is crazy, because I am only 24 years old). But for some reason, this story just stuck. I read it so many times. I just kept thinking, my God, what must this family be going through? I bowed my head in prayer, and in hope. I prayed for Kristen, her family, and friends. I prayed that I never have to feel the wrenching aching deep sorrowful pain that they all must be going through. I hoped that she would be found, alive and well, and returned to her family, so that they would feel the joy they had hoped for for so long. I was just sitting here at work tonight, and it has been over 4 years since I read that story. I have thought about Kristen and her story from time to time, wonering if she had been found. So I decided to go to readers digest online. Her name and stroy came up, story came up, so I read on, untill I got to this site. I have posted this web page and info about kristen on my spaces page on msn, and put this entry in my blog. I pray with all my heart that you get all the answers you are seeking. I pray you find this missing piece of you heart by finding Kristen. I pray for your aching soul, your saddened heart, and your emtpty arms. Lord I hope she is ok, and comes home soon. Bless you all! So very much!
Eve <>
Scottsbluff, Nebraska USA -

I grew up dancing with Lauren at Fancy Feet, and remeber when Kristen went missing. I never knew Kristen, but spent several years with Lauren. I can only imagine how great Kristen is...her sister thought so. I think of you all often, and hope for answers. I continue to pray as I have done for 9 years now, and will continue to do so until we know what happened!
Nikki Lankford <>
Greenville, NC USA -

I first read about Kristen being missing several years ago and have thought about her many times since, each time checking back here to see if there was any news. I travel to San Francisco next month and realise this is where she disappeared. I know it will be of no help but I know I shall find myself always looking round in the hope I might catch a glimpse of her.
Laura <>
Birmingham, UK -

I hope you find your little girl so your family may be at peace. Kristen is in my prayers.
Alison Gugnacki <>
Utica, NY USA -

joyce pate <>

My heart and prayer's go out to Kristen and her family. Please never give up hope and the man upstairs will guide you. As I have learned he never gives up on his people. God Bless you in your journey and Kristen will be home before you know it.
Weatherford, Oklahoma USA -

website for our missing daughter Fran is You may be interested to know we have found a Carl Voigt who looks for missing persons. He is very professional, charges reasonable rates and is thorough. He may be reached at
Pat Cowan <>
Gabriola, B.C. Canada -

I just wanted to send my prayers and say never stop hoping and looking. Yesterday a missing person was found after 6 years around my hometown. I will pray for Kristen and for you and your family. May God reunite you, and peace be with you.
Christie <>

My sister is missing to she's been missing sence 7/12/06. My mom is real scared weve ben taking care of her kid's sence. I hope the best for your family and god bless.
Paul Mckellips <>
Bishop, Calif USA -

WE are prying for Kristen and we hope God will bring her home to you soon. DOn't give up hope! We'dbe happy to add Kristen's story on our site-if that's okay with you . contact us through our guestbook at our Thanks and God Bless!
Angel & Babygirl <>
Owatonna, MN USA -

Im praying for your family during this anniversary. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I continually think about her and keep an open eye and ear for where she might be. God Bless your family.
Blair Weddington <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

My heart goes out to Kristen's family, Good Luck and Best wishes in your search. Stan
Stan Marrett <>
Albertville, Alabama USA -

As a parent, I can't imagine anything more dreadful than a missing child. I pray that you, Kristen's family, find your daughter and get the answers you seek. It is just not right that our children are not safe going out about their business in today's world.
Sheila Peace <>
Hazlet, New Jersey USA -

Lord I come to you on behalf of this family who 9 years had a child to just disappear---Lord only you and someone else knows where she is and we ask you lord to help them to find their child again----Lord, place your annointing arms around the family and give them comfort and most of all peace of what has happen---we give you all the honor and praise in all that you do in our lives---in the name of the father, the son , and the sweet holy ghost--amen
elaine <>
hamlet, n.c. USA -

I am originally from Charlotte and remember the story when it happened. She is still in my prayers and I pray that somehow the Lord will lead her home safely. Keep the faith.
Debra Howell Steele <>
Newark, DE USA -

June is not an easy month. I was just checking around for updates and wanted you to know that I think of you all often and with tremendous affection. She was a force, and would be *so* proud of your activism and the law that was passed in her name. Now as ever, she could be the one to defy expectations. In my wildest dreams I imagine that this will be resolved with some absurd plot twist that would honor all of the ridiculous memories I have of her. In waking life I simply remain hopeful, and am grateful that she is still so present in my mind after so many years. We can all find comfort in the fact that someone as vibrant as Kristen could NEVER fade. With love to all you Mods, Stacey
stacey <>
brooklyn, ny USA -

I used to live in Charlotte, and Kristen stays on my mind. I think of her often and hope that one day she will come home. Please know that she is on many people's minds and will not be forgotten.
Megan <>
Lehigh Acres, FL USA -

i am thinking of you daily and also of your family and the pain they must feel. my prayers are with all of you and i hope this nightmare comes full circle,that is that you are found and sent home, and that the one responsible is caught and sent to back to hell where he came from.

Dear Bob, It has been so long since I have spoken with you!!! I hope you your wife and daughters are doing well and prospering. I think and speak of you and your daughtetr Kristen often and you are always in our prayers. I check your sight often. I wish you all the best and I miss your infectious smile. I would love to hear from you (not sure if you are still at Mc-Mc)...take care & may God shed the light. One Love, Lynn
lynn hawkins <>
St. Petersburg, FL USA -

It has been a long time since I have looked up the webpage but I continue to think about you and your family often. Mom and I talk about you also especially around the holidays and in June mostly. I just wanted to send my Prayers and thoughts to you all. I know you may not know it but we do think about you sorry we dont talk as much as we should. I hope your new grandson is bring some new and deserved joy into your life. We keep praying for you and Kristen always. Love from your cousins in New York, Jeanine Baylis and Jeanette Lessard
Jeanine Baylis nee Lessard <>
Oceanside , New York USA -

my thoughts and prayers are still with kristen,and her family.god bless you all.
carla wiley <>
griffin, ga USA -

still praying for her return.
mary anne gardner <>
ramseur, n.c. USA -

My heart breaks for you. I received an Expect Miracles braclet as a Christmas gift. It's beautiful. I hope you always remember that God can give you a miracle at any time. I can only imagine what you're going through, and after all these years, it can't be any easier. I pray that you find answers that will lead you to your daughter.
Michelle <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

Bob, Debbie, and Family, Lisa and I met you in front of "Louis" restaurant near the Cliff House back in 1997 or 1998 and you folks have remained on our minds and in our prayers ever since. I wrote to you a few years ago and wanted to let you know again that we have not forgotten this young lady who is so loved by her family. When our family sits down for Christmas dinner we will pray for and remember you and your daughter and beseech God for her safe return. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Peter & Lisa Finn
Peter Finn <>
Sacramento, CA USA -

I really have no clue who Kristin but I read the guest book and I thought about how hard it would be to have something like this happen to me and i just wanted you to know my prayrs are with you.
Cordelia <Canttouchdis513>
Cincinnati, Ohio USA -

Bob and Debbie and your wonderful,dear daughters, my thoughts are always with you, and I will never give up keeping my eyes and ears open for Kristen wherever I go.

i had another dream about kristen last night. sometimes they happen when i am stressed out. or, stressed out and then a period of relaxation. we were hanging out just like we did in junior high, being pranksters. i kept reminding people that she was the girl that was lost, and then found. we tried to treat her normal. we loved her.
Kelly Lucey <>
raleigh, nc USA -

Dear family, I will pray for her safe comeback and I will pray for the stregnth that you need to keep going. You can tell that Kristen is well loved!! God Bless!!
Cynthia Mendoza <>
Arlingotn, Texas USA -

I hope that you find her. I have been praying for all the families of missing people. Its so sad ecspecially not knowing where your child is. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I have lost a child almost 5 years ago to an unexpected illness, its hard but I couldn't imagine not knowing where your child is..So sorry and prayers sent to you.
Ann <>
Belcourt, N,D USA -

I studied Kristen's case for a criminology course I'm taking. To my honesty I believe she is still out there, perhaps in a different country. She was last seen possibly in Nicaragua. Maybe she was assaulted or threatened, so she fled the country. Perhaps somebody she met in San Fransico triggered her and made her so down that she ran away. Anyway Good Luck! I keep you in my prayers. Remember there is always hope! Perhaps the day will come when Kristen comes home and finds herself.

Kristen and I were close in high school and I check your site every so often to see if there is any news. I was cleaning out some of my old boxes to get ready for a move the other day and came across a handmade Christmas card she made me containing "humorous holiday haiku" and strategic placement of tin foil. I couldn't help but laugh, and it quickly reminded me of a million other "Kristenisms" that I had the privilege of winessing. Too may to recount here, but I wanted you to know that your family is in my prayers and that I can't help but smile every time I am reminded of a Kristen quirk.
Piper <>
Washington, DC USA -

Kristen's story breaks my heart. I pray that you discover what happened to her.
New Hampshire USA -

Saw the story on TV a few years ago and keep track of it. Still hoping and praying you get the answers you deserve. I have never seen any definite timeline of the last week leading up to her disappearance tracking phone call made and received, credit card purchases, etc. Maybe this information should have been released to the public to keep the investigation fresh. Someone out there probably saw something and isn't even aware of the case.
Robert <>
chester, pa USA -

I admire ur courage for hanging in there believeing she is still here Barb
Barb <>

I am so sorry your daughter is missing, she is quite beautiful! I am a mother of three small children often times my 9 yr old son gets frustrated with me because I won't let him go anywhere alone. Not even to walk around the corner without watching to make sure he gets safely to his destination. I don't expect him to understand the evil that walks among us, but even still it's everywhere, and often times these kids are taken only steps from their home, just when you may have let your guard down for a second thinking it's only the next house over they'll be fine! I hope and pray your daughter will be found one day, and she is back where her family can have some closure! Best wishes for this heartache you are experiencing.
Stacey <staceylynnem@yahoo.vom>
Boston, Ma USA -

I was here reading about Kristen's case. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Arkansas USA -

My prayers and thoughts are with you and every family that has to endure your experience. Keep strong and keep praying and hoping as I will for all of you.
Christine Major <>
Brampton, Ontario Canada -

My God carry you through your times of need. It's been over seven years since Kristen's dissappearance and I am still praying for you and her safe return. One day the answers will be clear and your hearts and minds will be at peace. Thinking of you, Jill
Jill <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

I continue to keep the entire Modaferri family in my thoughts and prayers. I've worked with Mrs. Modafferi for 5 years and I continue to be amazed with Debbie's enthusiasm and energy at work. I cannot imagine the emotions that their family encounters on a daily basis. God Bless you all and I will continue to pray for you. The Kristen Foundation bracelets are a hit. I will continue to give them to close friends and family. Much Love, Nancy Lewis
Nancy Jane Lewis <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

i just wanted to let kristen's family know that kristen,and her family are still in my thoughts and prayers.god bless you all.....
carla wiley <wowyou'>
griffin, ga USA -

At the time of Kristen's disappearance, I was living in Charlotte with my then husband, who worked with Mr. Modafferi. Needless to say, this awful occurence was a shock to all who worked with you, sir. I still follow up from time to time. I admire your courage as a family, and that you never give up hope. Prayers are with you.
Rebecah Kirkendoll Tromm <>
Lexington, Kentucky USA -

My prayers are with you and your family that she may be safely returned to you. God Bless, you and yours.
Lisa Phillips <>
jersey city, NJ USA -

Godspeed in your search. Todd Matthews Director ~ & Media Director ~ & Member ~ 931-397-3893
Todd Matthews <>
Livingston, Tennessee USA -

I will be praying for kristens safe return and for her family may god bless you.
Shannon vita <>

our hearts go out to you in the search for kristen..
ellen <>
gulfport, ms USA -

I knew Kristen from Studio at the School of Design and from living in Sullivan. I cannot go to IHOP without thinking about how she would flavor her coffee with the pancake syrups. It is just one of the amazing things about her that seem so small but make a big impact. I think about her and about you all often. Please take comfort in knowing Kristen has made an impact on all of those that have ever had the good fortune of knowing her.
A friend from Studio <>
Raleigh, NC USA -

I came upon your site through looking at missing adult children sites. My identical twin sons( adult children) were missing for 3 yrs and it was only by the Grace of God that they were rescued from their life of torture, starvation, sleep depravation and no contact with family or friends. They had been lured by an evil man who happened to be a cult leader posing as a "Christian". I never thought my sons would get involved in a cult. Once a person is lured into one, it's very hard for them to get out. Have you ever investigated the possibility of cults? I wish you the best. Please don't give up hope. I will pray for you. cwolfe
christina wolfe <>
watsontown, PA USA -

I was on the Nat Holloway site clicked on couple of links & ended up on Kristen's site. I was very surprise she's still missing after all these years. I sat here, studying her picture thinking for about 10 minutes & wished I would have took the case serious when it first happen then kept my eyes & ears opened. Very few come up missing & stay missing in SF & Oakland, even people who have been murdered. I'm trying to think of where this coffee shop is & how this possibly could have happened. I've been all over the streets of the city & Oakland as well as quite a few people I know. Something just don't add up w/ this case. I strongly feel she trusted someone she knew & somehow they got her away from the bay area. I helped a friend & a friend's associate find the murderers of their sons so I'm strongly advising you to reach back at people she was affiliated with. It's usually thru word of mouth from friends helping that puts us on the right path. I'm very sorry that you never found Kirsten, I just knew you would being everyone here was talking about it.
Adele <>
Oakland, Calif. USA -

May God wrap you in His arms, may He wrap Kristen there, too, with you. I pray for resolution for your family. Thank you for all you do. Remember on the days when you think of the whys and how long you may have without your precious daughter, that she is first God's daughter, and He loves her and you...HE KEEPS YOUR TEARS and HOLDS YOU CLOSE> I will continue to pray. Thank you again.
Dawn <>
Greenville, SC USA -

I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of all of you yesterday, but I waited till today so not to intrude on your day. My God, where has the time gone? Someday, and I truly believe this, a resolution to this situation will come about, and however the chips fall to all and anyone involved, well, I just hope its apppropriate.
Rick <>
Bergenfield, NJ USA -

Please know that Kristen, her family, and Dennis are in our prayers. I have just read about Kristen and her life story has touched me in a way that I think that I will daily have thoughts of her. I hope that the Mod's find the answers that their family has been searching for and Kristen is reunited with them. May God continue to hold you in His hands and keep the faith...the answers are out there...somewhere!
Neely <>
Alabama USA -

My thoughts and prayers are with you all on this anniversary date of Kristen's disappearance. I am only one person, but I wanted you to know I will never forget Kristen and will pray for your family always. A friend gave me one of the "Expect Miracles" bracelets that she got at St. Matthews to help support the Kristen Foundation. I wear it often and share Kristen's story whenever someone comments on how pretty it is. May God continue to give you strength to bear this heartbreak.
Kathleen Simms <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

My thoughts and prayers are with your family on this difficult day.
Charlotte, NC USA -

My thoughts are with you guys and I'm always looking for updates on the site. I'm planning a trip west and thought of Kristen, keep the faith everyone and let us know if the 'old' neighbors can be of any help. Take Care.
Dan Forno (jr.) <>
Fairfield, CT USA -

Dear Modaferri Family- I went on a NCSU Scholar's retreat with Allison when I attended (95-99). Allison was a such an engaging woman. Both of your daughters are so intelligent, confident and beautiful. We all admired the Modaferri girls. After graduation I began traveling for work, which required me to explore new cities, at times alone. I frequently remember Kristen's story and wish you and your strong family all the best.
Tayiba Ahsan <>
Atlanta, GA USA -

rob <>
nj USA -

I'm still praying and thinking of Kristen very often. I hope she will return home one way or another very soon so this nightmare can finally come to an end. I read that Jon Onuma made that 'prank' call on the two lesbian woman, it is later proved to be untrue, but is that spot: the wooden bridge in Pt. Reyes CA, ever investigated? Has anybody actually gone over to that wooden bridge to look for human remains?
Kris <>
Willebroek, Antwerp Belgium -

I am the mother of a missing daughter..I know how your heart aches every minute of every day. Kristin is beautiful. I just read how you feel that Kristin may have amnesia and may not know where she is. I have that same hope about Heather. Please add Heather to your webpage if you can. Heather's 33rd birthday was April 25. Birthdays are devastating, aren't they? I know every fear and every tear..I know that empty, tugging ache that never goes away. I just wanted you to know that Kristin is in my prayers. Matthew 10:26 says that there will be nothing covered that won't be uncovered and hidden that won't be revealed. I must believe that and I want you to with me.
Sarah Teague <>
Madisonville, Ky USA -

Prayers for Kristen & family Searching for Audrey...Marie
Marie <>
Selkirk, NY USA -

As always, my prayers and love are with you Bob and Debbie, and, at this point, I want to extend an invitation to all that might be in the Bay Area in and around June 23rd and would like to hand out flyers for Kristen. Please let me know if you would like to participate. I feel, putting out flyers and keeping Kristen's name and picture out there HAVE to have some kind of impact sooner or later. Love to you and your dear family, Bod and Debbie, Stephanie
Stephanie Wing <>


My prayers are with you and your family. So many of us take for granted our children. God bless you
Jeanie <>
Monahans, Texas USA -

I have been looking for Kristen for over seven years now, and, I am not giving up, ever, until she is returned home. If you are in the San Francisco Bay and want to help me distribute flyers etc, please feel free to contact me. The more Kristen's picture is out the better. My love and thoughts are with you continually Bob and Debbie, Stephanie
Stephanie Wing <>
Dublin, California USA -

I check the website for updates. I hope you find Kristen safe & soon. You are in my thoughts.
Heather Jackson <>
Minneapolis, MN USA -

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Kristen. I just don't understand how this happens to these young woman and men. Recently, Cortney Fry of Columbia Pa was missing for 7 months and then found in January. She was 19 years old and just had a baby 1 1/2 weeks old. She never was able to enjoy her own child and her life was taken from her. With her website, I see all the missing and it just does not make sense. We have evil that walks our earth and God tries to protect but that evil can sometimes be stronger than our Lord. My heart breaks for all the families of the missing. May Kristen be in a safe place and my prayers are with all of you.
Harrisburg, PA USA -

I read the article about your daughter and was touched. I will pray for your family. I lost a daughter 10 years ago and only slightly understand your grief. God Bless You and Yours.
Rose Mann <>
Willits, CA USA -

My family and I are members of St. Gabriel Catholic Church; we attend some masses at St. Matthews as well. Kristen and her family have been in our prayers from the onset of her disappearance. We will continue to pray for her recovery. Blessings, gwen
Gwen Carreras-Harriss <>
Matthews, NC USA -

Kristen is in our prayers!! We are members of St Matts and I just came across this website to see if there has been any new information.. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray for a safe return soon.
Zina Lindley <>

Your family is in our prayers.
Scott Kiser <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

I saw the sign in Santa Maia and looked up the web site. The man carrying the sign said it was for both of the missing girls. Where is the picture of your girl? I hate to say it but that man is really weird. I hope you find your daughter.
Santa Maria, Ca USA -

I pray your daughter is found well and will be returned to you. Keep up your efforts!
Tess Uter
California USA -

Lauren Elyse <>
Ohio USA -

I lived in Charlotte when news of Kristen's disapperance came out. I went to school with her sister, even though we didn't know eachother personally. I was heartbroken for the family,and often look for updates with this case, and think of her and her family often. My prayers are with you.
Fresno, CA USA -

I visit the site from time to time, but it's the first time I've written in a while. I just wanted to say that I havn't forgotten my cousin or any of the rest of you in NC. Rick
Rick Young <rjyoung@optonline>
Bergenfield, NJ USA -

Found this web site by receiving an email about another missing young lady. Want to give u comfort in knowing even here on this side of the world we care. Gentle
Barb <>
Christchurch, New Zealand -

Don't give up! We are all still praying for your daughter that she is in a good place, even if she is with our great Lord, just have faith and know that she is safe. My prayers are with you.
Kristin <>
Vista, CA USA -

My prayers our with you, I have 5 boys and would not know what to do if they were missing, I do know one thing we have a great person in our Lord Jesus Christ , who knows all and sees all, and one day you will be reunited with your daughter here or in heaven. And that is one promise that I know is true. God Bless
Bill Williams <>
Escondido, Ca USA -

I went to Providence with Kristen and always admired her work. She was a great person and had the deepest dimples I had ever seen. I keep you all in my prayers, everyday, until she comes home.
Shani <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

I have been following this case form the very beginning and have seen almost every tv show featuring Kristen's case. What a beautiful, accomplished young woman! As someone who grew up near San Francisco, I can tell you it is a scary place in general. I remember gripping my father's hand tighter as we went through the city streets. I have been and will continue to pray and look for Kristen. I too, have seen 2 seperate articles connecting her with Scott Peterson. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers and continue to stay updated on her case, and hopefully we will see a reunion! That would be the ultimate work in God's miraculous ways! And Kristen herself IS a miracle. Her beaufiul smile with those dimples is enough to make her more than easy to recognize....let's bring her back to those who love her so much! I would love to put a link to this site on my page, if you feel it is appropriate.
Karen <>
south lake tahoe, CA USA -

I was just looking through websites reading things! I am really sorry about your daughter, sister, friend whatever she may be to any of you! My prayers and thoughts are with you all for her safe return!
Becky Vega <>
Los Lunas, New Mexico USA -

Hi Bob. Kristen and her wonderful family have always been close to my heart. I am sure you know I moved to Fl, but I wanted you and your family to know I have never forgotten you. I visit your site often and I am getting a ribbon. I will keep you all in my prayers & Kristens story on my tongue until her where abouts are known. I love you all, take care.
Lynn Hawkins <>
St.petersburg, FL USA -

My heart goes out to Kristen's family and friends. Hopefully one day she will be safe at home.
Kory Hodge <>
Charlotte, NC USA -

To whom it may, First off you're daughter was a beautiful girl (the hair alone is enough to indicate as such). You don't know what I would give to be able to give you more info. about Kristen's whereabouts. I pray that someday I will have information that will lead to somebody finding a lost loved one or at least recovering their remains. It's incredibly sad that our society is riddled with sick people that (for whatever reasons) want to harm innocent strangers. It makes me sick. Kristen (I'm sure) was a wonderful human being that was only out to further her education. I can only imagine what you, as a family, must be going through. I can only imagine what you, as a family, must be experiencing. If any ifo. regarding Kristen should happen to come my way I will no doubt report it to authorities immediately. Take care and let's pray for Kristen's safe return.
alex cortes <>
Redondo Beach, Ca. USA -

My heart goes out to all of you; Family and Friends. I can't even imagine the hurt and the pain of "Not knowing" that you feel on a daily base. Never give up!!! I pray for her save return. I printed some flyers and will hang them up in several places. I keep all of you in my prayers. With all my love and hope, Petra Linden
Petra Linden <>
Slidell, Louisiana USA -

I recently saw a tabloid in a grocery store that contained Kristen's photo. (It also contained a photo of Scott Peterson.) It made me think of her and the entire Modaferri family. I was a student at NC State at the time of Kristen's disappearance in 1997 (I graduated in 1999). My heart goes out to you during this holiday season. God Bless.
Kristen Sass Price <>
Columbia, SC USA -


I am saddened to hear of your missing child. May god give you the strength you need to go on & also the information you need to find Kristen. I will pray to St Theresa tonite. If you see Roses...the prayer has been heard. God Bless.
Susan <>
Ocean View, DE USA -

Dear God i wish you well! please remember you have people in England praying and wishing you well. God bless. Chrissy
Chris Rossiter <>
Birmingham England, UK -

My hope is that Kristen will soon be home again.
Sara Caldwell <>
Monroe, LA USA -

I have never been to this website before tonight...I was just looking through old Reader's Digest magazines, and read the story from last December on Kristen's disappearance. It touched my heart, and I want to help so much. I am praying that she comes home safe. I also pray that God will keep your hearts at ease.
Rayah <>

carla wiley <>
griffin,ga, ga USA -

I wanted to say that I was looking in on Kristin tonight. I visit her site often because of Dennis Mahon. I look for updates all the time. I wanted you all to know that I am thinking of Kristin and I believe that answers will be found for her whereabouts someday soon. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. We keep Kristin linked on Carrie's site and message board. You can visit us any time and post your thoughts or information any time. I will be thinking of you all and checking in often. Jill B. "findcarrie"
Jill B. "findcarrie" <>

RE: Kristen Modaferri There was a woman who resided in San Francisco similiar in appearance to Kristen. If Jill Lampo can be contacted, double check her story and her ID. I am assuming the blonde woman who approached Kristen and cannot be identified may have an Asian boyfriend. This may be a wild goose chase, but there is a nightclub in San Francisco called Jigoku. The owner's name is Warren _____?. Also check, Cliff Shibata who used to be employed at the DEA but was indicted for fraudulent activity. Cliff and Warren know each other. Jigoku means "hell" If a woman rejects this man's advances, she is at risk. I am assuming that Victor Conte who has also been indicted supplied the drugs. The Asian person who told me these details died suddenly. Kristin may have been targeted by whoever paid for the ad. Jill Lampo is either very frightened or she is in a drug induced hypnotic state. There is a possibility that Laci Peterson's disappearance is related to Kristen's disappearance. This is a long shot but see if you can find a female by the name of Nancy Chaney. Nancy is 5'6" blonde 120 lbs and she had an Asian boyfriend. Address 1989, is 1550 Bay St San Francisco. and Filbert at Van Ness. Cannot remember the exact addr but the apt building is at Van Ness Ave. In 1989, there was a vacant lot on the east side of the building. St addr is Filbert or Chestnut, cross street is Van Ness Ave
aa <>
San Francisco, CA USA -

September 28, 2004 I pray the Lord give you strength, wisdom, and peace until you are with your loved one again. In Jesus name, Amen.
Kay <>
Quitman, Texas USA -

I have asked our church to say an extra special prayer for you and Kristen until she is found and returned safely to you.
Darlene Vogl <>
Crawford, Nebraska USA -

I was just listening to Kyler England's first CD and thought about Kristen. Everytime I hear the song for Kristen it saddens me. I worked at NC State when Kristen dissappeared and I hope that your prayers are answered soon.
Kevin <>
Norton, MA USA -

Hello Kristen families I just want to say this is my first website and it sadden me to see that your daughter is missing, I really hope that God be with you and to find your pretty daughter. I have a special prayer for you guys to fine you daughter. I hope with all the comments people wrote to you would give you the strengh from God. God never fail and He won't I believe and can feel it. He knows where your daughter and He with her don't loose faith. God loves you all and God bless you don't loose hope.
Liz <>
Chicago, Ill USA -

Don't give up. You'll find her. I know you will. God bless you.
UK -

Our prayers and throughts are with you. God bless.
Esther Young <>
Vrginia Beach, Virginia USA -

My name is Kristen Woodward, and I live in Australia. I found out about this website through sheer coincidence but for some reason I clicked on the web address and browsed this website. I wanted to let you know that my heart is with you and your family, and God is looking after her. I can't possible imagine the heartbreak you have gone through but I can keep my eyes open here in Australia and send you my love and hope that your beautiful daughter will return to you safely. God bless you and your family.
Kristen Woodward <>
Armidale, NSW Australia -

Been reading about this recently due to the Laci Peterson case. So sorry for your loss. And it upsets me greatly that Scott Peterson has not been investigated MORE with regard to THIS case. He's been "in proximity" to at least 3 different girls who have gone missing or recovered ..that's TOO coincidental.
Donna <>
Cape Coral , FL USA -

I have 3 children of my own and can't even imagine what it would be like to go through something like this. You have many people keeping their ears and eyes open for your Kristen and I will do the same. Good luck and I hope no one ever gives up looking for KRISTEN!!!
Tiffani <>
Salem, Ohio USA -

Our prayer's are with you and yours, May your faith be your source of stregnth. God bless!
Joycelee Salinis <>
Phila., PA. USA -

I was born in June of 1979, so when I came across this site it gave me chills to see. You never know if one day it mite be you or a loved one that something unthinkable might happen. I pray with all my heart and soul that one day your family will have peace and that you find your daughter. Your family and Kristen will always be in my prayers.
Laura <>
Topeka, KS USA -

My prayers are with you. I feel that you will find something soon. God Bless You!
angela belanger <>
berwick, pa USA -

Dear Modafferi family, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I pray for Kristen's safe return. My brother Brian S. Kowalczyk was murdered in Nov. 1986. We know where Brian is, but it is still a mystery who killed him. He was 33 at the time of his death and was murdered in Winthrop, Me. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers Nancy-Jean
Nancy-Jean Cusanelli <>
Claremont, New Hampshire USA -

I work for the Child Seek Network and was doing some updates on Karen Marie Mitchell, came across an article that mentioned Robert Durst and how he could be involved with Kristen and Karen... I am wondering if any of the police departments have looked into this link yet. I hope and pray that your beautiful daughter comes home safe to you soon. I see missing children stories everyday and everyday my heart goes out to the many families that are going through this. God bless you! Di
Di Hansen <>
Tigard, OR USA -

Never give up hope!!!!!
Bradenton, FL USA -

just the add on tv while working at the 911 center my god be with you and family thanks tyler stafford
tyler stafford <>
gainesboro, tn USA -



To this day I still think about Kristen. I went to Providence with her and, although we were not friends, I remember seeing her around school and looking at the fabulous art work she created posted up on the walls in art class. I remember thinking how much talent she had! My thoughts and prayers have been with you all since 1997 and will remain until there is closure for you.
Erin <>
charlotte, NC USA -

My husband and I saw Kristen and her college singing group the school year before she disappeared. We were saddened and shocked when we heard she was missing. I have checked your webpage many times since 1997. She has never been far from my thoughts. I hear the songs she sang on the radio and think of her. I just wanted you to know that she did make an impression on us just for that short concert. We pray for her and your family. I know the she is in the palm of God's hand whereever she is. God bless your family.
ruth <ruth_patterson>

I will keep you and Kristen in my prayers.
Danville, IL USA -

I am a mother of two daughters, and I cannot fathom the pain and anguish you must be feeling after seven years without your dear daughter. I pray that Kristen will be found, so you can move on with your lives, good or bad. I will pray for you, and all of the parents of missing children.
Canada -

I will keep Kristen and her family in my prayers. May you all find the peace and strength you need to help you through this terrible time.
Kathie Lerma-Minshall <>
Houston, Texas USA -

I found Kristen's Website after reading the artcile on Lori Hacking. I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have been going through for so long. I have added You, Your Family and Kristen to my Prayers.
Tara Lee Bertucci
Reno, NV USA -

haven't forgotten about kristen or this case- just wanted y'all to know. and as horrible as it is, whenever someone new goes missing, it gets "publicity" for all those still missing and yet to be found.
jenn <>
ca USA -

I came to learn of Kristen's disappearance while reading about Lori Hacking's disappearance in Salt Lake City. Since I live in Wells and work in Wendover Lori's case is a local one. I don't know why I decided to click onto your daughter's picture, but something urged me to do so. I have 2 children of my own and 6 grandchildren. I could not imagine not knowing their fate. That to me has got to be the hardest thing of all. In reading your story and circumstances on the disappearance of Kristen, I learned that she disappeared on what would have been my brother's 48th birthday. My brother was killed by a drunk driver in 1990. I started to read your guestbook and began crying as I am now. My oldest granddaughter started to also read the comments. I went back and showed her Kristen's picture and decided to sign your guestbook. We sincerely hope for the safe return of your daughter. We will pray for closure soon,(even if it is an unhappy one). Now that I know of Kristen, I will keep her in my thoughts and I will visit your site often in hopes that I will someday read that she has been reunited with all of you. My heart especially goes out to you(her parents). I don't know how you do are much stronger than me. Your pain, I'm sure, is deep and on-going. I will keep you close in thoughts and prayers as well. Continue to take care. God Bless You!
Terry & Shayna <>
Wells, NV USA -

I am so sorry for your pain, I have two beautiful daughters of my own. I will be thinking about Kristen and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that who ever knows what has happened to her please come forward.
Heather <>
San Diego, Ca USA -

Just wanted to say that I came across your site this morning while looking at other missing person cases. I saw Kristen's story for the first time today and was saddened to note that she hasn't been found till date. My thoughts and prayers are with Kristen and her family. I would like to comfort you with these wonderful words from "The Bible" "Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God pleases" So, please do not give up and if there is anything more I can do, please let me know.
N. Matthews <>
Madras, Tamilnadu India -

I am sending a prayer this night to you all. It has been a long time and I just wanted you to know that I think of Kristen often...and of all of you. Much, much love and peace.
Jill Raleigh <>
Montclair, NJ USA -

I came across this website via Laci Peterson's website. i wanted to tell you that I am so sorry for what you are going through right now and have been since your beautiful daughter became missing. I will continue to pray for her safe return. Take care and please never lose hope. Rachael
Rachael Archambeault <>
waterbury, ct USA - & friends of Kristen, THIS IS A HEADS UP to you and to GQ PUBLIC We are encouraging everyone to Visit and The PROJECT JASON,ADOPT A MISSING PERSON also 18 Wheel Angels project. These are terribly important to the Plight of Missing persons aross the NATION. Truckers ARE Or country's greatest ears and eyes...they see and hear things that MOST would NEVER see or hear.IF YOU know of a trucking company or OWNER of a Tractor Trailer RIG PLEASE tell them to contact PROJECT JASON...also FOLKS whomever you are, "YOU" can ADOPT a missing Person... GOD BLESS all who have a loved one Missing. We PRAY for your answers to come SOON! Sincerely dede & dale Founders "AMALP"
"AMALP"Foundation Ministry <>
Texas USA -

My thoughts and prayers are still with you, Debbie and Bob, and with your girls, too. I have been in KY for 2 years now and I continue to visit your website and try to keep up to date on your activities involving Kristen. All my love!!! Angela
Angela McKenzie <>
Nicholasville, KY USA -

Just wanted to let you know I sent out updated imprinted ribbons to Deborah D. to forward to you. Also wanted to let you know that we want to keep the ribons flowing in honor of your beautiful Kristen. Could you please change the contact address on the page to: Remember Kristen M. Tribute C/O Ribbonmaker P.O. Box 8 Castroville, California 95012 The updated imprinted ribbons are beautiful!! Anyone wanting to show their support by wearing a remembrance ribbon for Kristen, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will send your very own ribbon in honnor of Kristen. Thanks for your support, Ribbonmaker
Original Laci Peterson Ribbonmaker <>
Los Banos, Ca USA -

to kristen's family,i have been praying that kristen is found,and i will continue to do so.god is with you all,and just know,people you don't even know,are praying for you,and thinking of kristen each and everyday,god bless you all,a caring mother in ga.
carla wiley <>
griffin, ga USA -

Hi Just wanted to let you know that I had hear of your story and just recently found the web site. I will continue to visit and will pray that you find some closure.
Newfoundland Canada -

i still pray for kristen and her family,god bless you all...
carla wiley <>
griffin, ga USA -

new jersey USA -

I have seen the Travel Channel program (that features Kristens story) numerous times. Everytime I see it I hope that there will be an update that you have found her. Sometimes not knowing is the hardest part. Please know that my prayers are with your family and every family who has a missing person. Take care.
Jennifer <>
Hollister, CA USA -

I wanted to write a note recognizing your family on the seventh anniversary of Kristen's disappearance. I hope you can draw strength from the fact that you have each other. She is in our thoughts and prayers, as are you all.
Emily <>
Wilmington, NC USA -

With the grace of Allah , I pray for your safety and hopefully one fine day you will return to your patiently long waiting parents. To Both of you ( Kristen's mom and dad) lift up your spirits and never give up hopes . I pray she will come back to you one day.
Mohd Pahmy Abdullah <>
Shah Alam, Selangor Malaysia

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