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Have you seen Kristen Modafferi?
Kristen Modafferi
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Missing Posters
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Missing Posters
We have html versions of Kristen's Missing Poster online, both in English and in Spanish. Please print one out, make copies and post them in your workplace, neighborhood, or wherever you think they might help. Thank you.

E-Mail Campaign
You can help us spread the word about Kristen's disappearance by sending an email message from friend to friend across the Internet.

The Kristen Fund was established in 1997 to help the Modafferi family with the extraordinary expenses associated with their search for Kristen, especially for coast to coast travel from Charlotte to San Francisco (10 trips within the first 3 years), and for mounting retainer fees and search-related charges paid to private investigators. The family will not give up and will meet with Bay Area law enforcement and proactively continue the search indefinitely until Kristen is found, or until there are answers required to give the family closure. By contributing to The Kristen Fund, you can help the family insure that the ongoing investigation continues for as long as it takes to find these answers.

Website Graphics
We have some banners and graphics here for you to download. If you have your own web site, we would appreciate it if you would display a banner for Kristen.

Kristen's Law
Kristen's Act is now Kristen's Law (Public Law #106-468)...

Kristen's Ribbons
The original Laci Peterson ribbon makers have generously offered to create tribute ribbons for Kristen. Wear a ribbon to help remember Kristen and to spread the word about her disappearance.

Other Ways to Help
Kind thoughts, prayers, and simply knowing you are keeping Kristen in your mind and heart bring comfort to us. If you like, you can sign Kristen's guestbook.



Do You Have Information? Please do the right thing.
Call the Oakland Police Department:
Officer Dan Castanho (510) 238-3641 or Officer Pat Mahanay (510) 238-7910
or, to remain anonymous, call 1-800-VANISHED (or 1-800-826-4743).

Loved and missing...
Kent Jacobs Kristin Smart Kristen Modafferi Suzanne Lyall
Cyndi Vanderheiden Gayle Marks Amy Bradley Kristine Kupka


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